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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

General FAQs

What separates you from the competition?

  • Get paid 75% commission on extremely high conversion rates. As you probably noticed, our website is simple, clear, and to-the-point. And it converts extremely well.
  • We're here to make you money. As an experienced team of direct response marketing professionals, we spend time figuring out WHAT WORKS. We test. We optimize. And then we test some more...
  • You can feel GOOD about the product you're promoting. Let's face it: YOU CARE about the satisfaction of your customers. You don't want to promote rip-off sites just because they convert well. But you also want to MAKE MONEY... right?

How do I become an affiliate?

First, go over to and get an Account Nickname i.e. an Affiliate ID. Payments for our affiliate program are managed exclusively by Clickbank, a trusted leader in digitally delivered products. Second, come back over to our Affiliate Links page and plug your new Affiliate ID into our various link generators. That's the link you'll use to promote - and receive commissions from - You can also download one of our PPC Landing Pages - with your Affiliate ID automatically inserted - which you can customize so you can quickly launch a successful PPC campaign!

How can I tell if my affiliate link is actually working?

Detailed instructions are available on our Affiliate Cookie Verification page.

How do I get my conversion tracking code added?

Use our various link generators to add PPC conversion tracking to your links. If you are having trouble locating your PPC tracking ID, please see these instructions and examples for finding your Google tracking ID and other paid search tracking IDs.

How can I protect my affiliate link?

You can protect your affiliate link by using the ClickBank HopLink Shield

How does Clickbank's TID referral link work?

Clickbank's TID referral program allows you to track individual sites and/or advertisements under one affiliate ID. In-depth instructions are available on the Using TIDs page.

Why are you using PHONESRCH for all three products?

The launch of has allowed us to consolidate all of our properties into one easy-to-navigate "affiliate home". The good news for you as an affiliate is that this consolidation means more tools for all of our properties and that they're all standardized and in one location, making it easier and more lucrative for you to promote multiple products. This consolidation is the reason for the use of the PHONESRCH ClickBank Account across all three sites.

How can I tell which PHONESRCH products actually sold?

If you log into ClickBank, just click on the "Reporting" tab and then the "Analytics" link that's nested under the "Reporting" tab. Once you're on the ClickBank Analytics screen, choose "Sales" and "By Product" over on the left-hand navigation. This screen is where you can see which products related to PHONESRCH have sold for you as an affiliate.

Why am I seeing a different checkout?

Our brands do not exclusively use Clickbank as a checkout provider. When visitors are generated by our in-house marketing team, or by affiliates from another network, they will not be processed through Clickbank. However, our technology sends any users with a Clickbank cookie who returns to our site through the Clickbank checkout… so you’ll still get the sales you deserve.

How do I make it to super affiliate status?

We love super affiliates. Sites and campaigns that drive massive volume are wins for both of us and will receive special attention. That said, affiliates who make it to super affiliate status are the best of the best. Do you have what it takes to get there? If so, check out our special Super Affiliates section to learn more and see if you qualify.

How much do your top affiliates make?

We do not discuss statistics, promotional methods, or reveal the identities of ANY of our affiliates. We take your privacy very seriously. That said, it’s certainly possible to earn a full-time living promoting The people-search industry does over $300,000,000 a year in sales...much of which was earned by affiliates. Of course, we cannot say what you will be able to earn...but many of our affiliate sell thousands of dollars each month and we hope that you’ll be come our next professional affiliate!

Do you give bonuses?

We do not give bonuses to any affiliates. There are significant costs associated with delivering our product (i.e. data licensing, collection, management, etc.), and therefore 75% is the highest possible commission we offer. Of course, this works in your FAVOR since no one will have a higher commission or "unfair advantage" over you.

I'm interested in a partnership or joint venture with Who do I contact?

We're always interested in new busines opportunities! Please visit our Contact Us page and send us the details. Our affiliate manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who can I contact for additional assistance and support?

Contact Us with your questions and we'll be happy to assist you.