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  • ClickBank's #1 reverse phone product for the past 2+ years!
  • 75% commission for all referred sales!
  • Extremely high conversion rates for your traffic
  • Add our interactive search box to your web site (very simple!)
  • Immediate conversion tracking for Google AdWords and other major search engines
  • Superior product quality, rock-bottom refund rate, and world-class customer support
  • The Internet's most popular reverse phone affiliate program!

To get started now, just go to ClickBank and get an Account Nickname (also referred to as an Affiliate ID). ClickBank is our trusted third-party reporting and payment platform for affiliates. Then check out the world-class affiliate resources we've compiled below. You'll be earning money in no time! Affiliate Resources


If you have questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions first. Our FAQs include tips about PPC tracking pixels and also how to verify that your affiliate cookie was properly set.

As always, you're free to use our Contact Us form to send a message directly to our affiliate manager. It's his full-time job to ensure that our affiliates are making the most they can - so use him!

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