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Create A Basic Affiliate Search Box:

What It Will Look Like On Your Website:

Add A Stylized Button:

You can also customize the form so that the Search button is an image. Simply replace the submit button code with the HTML below:

Replace this: <input type="submit" value="Search!" />

With this: <input type="image" src="search-127x34.gif" alt="Search!" />

Here are some search buttons you can use:

Search! Search Now! Search Now! Search Now!

Add A Search Teaser:

Instead of a search box, host your own "teaser" to increase commissions and fully customize the experience for users! Here's how:

Step 1 - Choose which teaser you'd like to use:

  • Full Teaser (700 x 600 pixels) - This uses the same exact page elements as, but simply removes the header logo and footer links. The teaser includes "search", "results", and "register". (preview)
  • Wide Teaser (700 x 155 pixels) - This option shows "search" and "results" without headlines or advertising copy. (preview)
  • Box Teaser (350 x 200 pixels) - This option shows "search" and "results" without much advertising copy or headlines. Different style search button and loading animation. Also shows line type! (preview)

We recommend "Full Teaser" for webmasters who want to create a branded experience with their own logo and site design.

Step 2 - Copy and paste the HTML code:

Everything happens inside an <iframe>, which means visitors aren't taken off your website until they're ready to buy! Your Clickbank affiliate cookie will be planted as normal to ensure you earn commission for sales.

   Full Teaser HTML Code:

   Wide Teaser HTML Code:

   Box Teaser HTML Code:

In the code above, simply replace "NICKNAME" with your Clickbank affiliate nickname. That's it!

To add a TID tracking code, simply add "&tid=CODE" to the end of your affiliate link.


If you have any questions about installing the search box or buttons onto your website, just use our Contact Us form and we'll be happy to assist you!