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Article Marketing Talking Points

When promoting, it’s important that your ads are both honest and compelling so the visitor is convinced to click and purchase.

That’s why we’ve created these “talking points” to help you better focus your marketing efforts:

  • provides access to high-quality data with a high-frequency of matches.
    Nobody has 100% of numbers, and any claims otherwise simply aren't true.

  • has a unique advantage by merging multiple different data sources to deliver more comprehensive results
    (other services may use data from just a single source, thus limiting their coverage).

  • provides a 100% money-back guarantee with 7-day a week email and toll-free phone support.
    We fully stand behind our product.

  • provides free, instant, and online opt-out.
    If users don't want to be part of our database, they can remove themselves in a few easy clicks. We're currently the only vendor on Clickbank which provides online phone number opt-out.

  • is committed to providing quality services in an honest and ethical fashion.
    We treat our customers and affiliates like we want to be treated.

To avoid promising something that we cannot deliver on, it’s also important to know what we do not do. Specifically:

  • We do NOT provide a cell-phone-by-name search i.e. a phone book of cell phone numbers.
  • We do NOT provide the real-time location of cell phones. Nobody has this technology except emergency services like 911.
  • We do NOT provide call logs or lists of calls made. You'd need to get a court-ordered subpoena to acquire those records.